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Dark worlds await

Neotech Edge: Rentacops 02 / 02

The year is 2070. The world is ravaged by climate disasters, class division and war. From a devastated countryside and nations swallowed by the ocean a flood of refugees pours in to the bustling megacities. They become part of the kaleidoscope of subcultures that are constantly fighting to assert themselves in the overwhelming media buzz.

Automatization and AI bring prosperity to a new genetically modified social elite while the masses accept a corporately sponsored universal basic income and stream artificial happiness straight from the Layers right in to their optical nerves. The System, a symbiosis of AI-controlled corporations and states surveils and herds the masses to the temple of mass consumption. But in a world where everything is connected, hacking has become a new form of magic. The movement Anon is linked together through darknets where the System is beginning to be turned against itself.

It  doesn’t matter if your posse is made up of tech-savvy Anons, the Nomo environmental radicals, spaced out Orbitals, hardened Krims or glamorous Nymphets. The world is anyways rushing towards collapse… or towards a new post-singularity paradise.

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Adventure: Rentacops, Neotech Edge. Part 2 of 2.
Music by: protoU, album "The Edge of Architecture"