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Dark worlds await

Symbaroum: Lost in the Deep I / II

There has been a breach of one of the ancient taboos. Uldo, a young goblin from the barbarian village of Lobaram, has in an attempt to prove himself worthy decided to guide a group of Ambrian explorers into one of the ancient ruins in the forest of Davokar. 

Knowing that these ruins are grounds tabooed by the Huldra, his older brother, Uhuglas, who has been honored with title of the chieftain's personal guard, is very ashamed of his brother's actions. He, along with the village witch, Algaya, has decided to take things into their own hands in order to try and stop Uldo… before it's too late. 

Together with Algaya's fierce animal familiar, the boar Mortia, they have traveled for a few days in to the depths of the forest. However, there has been no sign of the rascal Uldo and the Ambrian company. Now Uhuglas, Algaya and Mortia are standing at the outskirts of the ruins, the ancient grounds where no one from the tribes have set foot, with the risk of suffering heavy corruption from whatever dark force might be lurking in there.

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Adventure: Lost in the Deep, Symbaroum. Part I of II.
Music: Iron Pact Orchestra, Sjellos and Halgrath