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Curse of Strahd 03: Renfield Syndrome

Renfield syndrome, or clinical vampirism, is the unusual obsession with drinking blood. The syndrome is named after Dracula’s follower R.M. Renfield who appears in Bram Stoker’s novel from 1897

The condition has appeared in psychiatric literature dating as far back as 1892 and has usually been mentioned in connection with extraordinarily violent crimes. It’s not, however, recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and the very few cases that have been recorded could be regarded as forms of schizophrenia or paraphilia.

Campaign: “Curse of Strahd”, Dungeons & Dragons
Music by: Metatron Omega, Flowers for Bodysnatchers & Wordclock


"Love and Pain", Edvard Munch 1895

"Love and Pain", Edvard Munch 1895