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Curse of Strahd 25: Tudós kocsis

The word “coach”, describing a covered horse-drawn carriage for passengers or mail, is derived from the name of the Hungarian town “Kocs” where the coach is believed to have been invented. Hungarian villages still today hold competitions for “Coachman of the Year” and the coachmen have even found their way in to Hungarian Folklore.

In the stories the “Clever Coachman” appears out of the blue during the hero’s journey, inviting him to enter the coach. The coachman will then end up not taking the hero where he wants to go, rather taking him where he needs to be; thus making fortunate turns in the plot more plausible and making unexpected twists possible.

Campaign: “Curse of Strahd”, Dungeons & Dragons
Music by: Metatron Omega, Flowers for Bodysnatchers & Wordclock


The Clever Coachman.

The Clever Coachman.