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Coriolis - Last Voyage of the Ghazali 02: Suleiman

Under Suleiman the Magnificent, who ruled from 1522 to 1566, the Ottoman Empire reached its apex, conquering Belgrade and most of Hungary until finally being stopped at the gates of Vienna. The Ottoman fleets dominated the Mediterranean and reached as far the Indian Ocean. The empire also went through a golden age of culture and literature under Suleiman's competent watch.

He went against tradition and married a Christian woman from his harem, made famous in the west as Roxelana and said to have had red hair. At the time of his death the Ottoman Empire dominated much of the Middle East and the North African coastline and had made Moldavia, Crimea, Transylvania and Wallachia into vassals of the Empire.

Adventure: ”Last Voyage of the Ghazali”, Coriolis
Music by: Alphaxone, Sabled Sun and Stars on a Black Sea
Sound effects by: Syrinscape 

This is the second episode of our first bonus campaign! The first three episodes will be released for free in the main feed over the coming weeks with the rest following on patreon bi-weekly at the 3 dollar level.