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Coriolis - Last Voyage of the Ghazali 03: Molossus

The Molossus is a now extinct breed of dogs that are believed to be the ancestors of today’s Mastiff-type dogs. Originally a sheep-herding dog used in ancient Epirus (today parts of Albania and Greece) these vicious and muscular dogs were described by the poet Grattius thus ”...when serious work has come, when bravery must be shown, and the impetuous War-gods calls in the utmost hazard, then you could not but admire the renowned Molossians so much”.

The powerful dogs were used in Epirotan tribal wars and later also by the Roman Empire under Marcus Aurelius. The dogs were trained specifically for battle by the Romans and given spiked metal collars and mail armor. The Romans are even said to have gone so far as to arranging the dogs in attack formations before unleashing them upon their enemies.

Adventure: ”Last Voyage of the Ghazali”, Coriolis
Music by: Alphaxone, Sabled Sun and Stars on a Black Sea
Sound effects by: Syrinscape

This is the third episode of our first bonus campaign! The first three episodes will be released for free in the main feed over the coming weeks with the rest following on patreon bi-weekly at the 3 dollar level.