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Neotech Edge: Rentacops 01 / 02

Sentry PRD, OpC, Pact-district 143, New Kai Tak, 2070

This introductory mode of Sensei will with clear visualizations give you everything you need to know for a quick and painless start in the world’s largest security company, Sentry. Hong Kong and The Pearl River Delta is one of our premier markets and here 30000 others just like you, from all walks of life, have realized that correctly prioritized security and investigation is a service in demand throughout the middle class market.

You have already been placed in an optimized team of Patrol Officers, Incident Officers and Enforcement Officers in order to surveil, intervene, investigate and sentence perpetrators involved in breaches of the law against our clients. The market will be reassured that insurance with Sentry means a safe and secure every day...

At GothCon Craig and Hjalmar had the privilege of playing the scenario ”Rentacops” for Helmgast’s upcoming roleplaying game Neotech Edge. The Gamemaster was Ola Jentzsch and this time we were also joined by a third player, Jenny Bremberg.

Neotech Edge is being Kickstarted (Swedish only currently) right now and you can make your pledge here

Adventure: Rentacops, Neotech Edge. Part 1 of 2.
Music by: protoU, album "The Edge of Architecture"



Neotech Edge.

Neotech Edge.