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Nibiru: Kimera 01 with Federico Sohns

We had the amazing opportunity to play the upcoming Nibiru - a sci-fi RPG of lost memories with its creator Federico Sohns as our GM. Nibiru is on Kickstarter now, check it out here:

Nibiru. A massive space station, submerged under the sea of debris orbiting the Star of Fomalhaut: A steel-clad vulture feeding of the corpse of a thousand unborn planets.

The Skyless World, safeguarding a collection of enclosed city-states—civilizations that have endured for thousands of years. From the Core and the Antumbra, where the world's benign and all is light, through the Penumbra and the Umbra beyond, where light ends, and the station's artificial gravity crushes all.

In the far corners of this outlandish place, a group of amnesiacs wanders through the land. Theirs are the tales of loss, struggle and remembrance. Theirs are the stories you will tell.

Adventure: “Kimera”, Nibiru
Music by: ProtoU