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Curse of Strahd 35: R.U.R

In Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti, a play from 1920 by Karel Capek, we are introduced to the idea of artificial people called roboti that are used as workers. The R.U.R factory makes these roboti from synthetic flesh and blood, even enabling them to think for themselves and be mistaken for human. The word "robot", especially its use in sci-fi, come from these roboti.

As has become the pattern for most western stories involving robots these creatures end up rebelling against their human masters and end up wiping out the human race.

Robots as a form of hubris by humans playing god, and being used as a warning against that, is in stark contrast to for example Japanese stories about robots where they are frequently seen as heroes or saviors rather than threats.

Campaign: “Curse of Strahd”, Dungeons & Dragons 
Music by: Metatron Omega, Flowers for Bodysnatchers & Wordclock