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B6 - The Veiled Society, with Fear of a Black Dragon

We had the amazing opportunity to play the classic Dungeons & Dragons module “B6 – The Veiled Society” from 1984, together with our friends at the Ennie-award winning old school RPG podcast ”Fear of Black Dragon”. The setting for the module is the city of Specularum in Mystara, where three powerful families are vying for power. Interestingly enough this is a hard-boiled detective story where the player characters have to solve a murder and avoid becoming victims of the scheming machinations of the three families.

The adventure was written by David “Zeb” Cook who would later on create the amazing Planescape setting.

There is a companion episode for this made by Fear of a Black Dragon where they analyze the module that you can listen to here

Finally, music for this episode is provided by the amazing folks over at Heimat Der Katarstrophe, serving up only the finest Dungeon Synth for your enjoyment. Check out their stuff here

Dungeon Master: Tom McGrenery, Fear of a Black Dragon, The Gauntlet Network
Adventure: B6 - The Veiled Society, Dungeons & Dragons
Music by: Gnoll, Kobold, Sidereal Fortress, Dunjon Magik, Thongor, Silencio Permanente, Withmarrah and the unpronuncable artist from HDK4. Used with permission from Heimat Der Katastrophe