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Tales from the Loop: Horror Movie Mayhem, Part 1 of 2

We are joined by the talented Gabrielle De Bourg who GM's Hjalmar and Craig through "Horror Movie Mayhem", an adventure she has created for the game "Tales from the Loop" by Free League that is included in the module "Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries"

"It is the summer of 1988, 30 years ago today, and the Parent Teacher Association are about to hold a Culture Festival in the little society of Stenhamra on Mälaröarna to celebrate the fine culture offerings in the area.

But as soon as it has begun, notes are landing in the mailboxes and adults are going door-to-door. Because there is one type of culture that they think is dangerous. Everywhere they are talking about the Video Nasties and how it's making the children violent.

But is there something more hidden behind it all? Come along for an adventure about moral panic, LGBT and paranoia in Simon Stålenhags 80's that never was in this Horror Movie Mayhem."

Adventure: “Horror Movie Mayhem", Tales from the Loop, Fria Ligan
Music by: Gabrielle De Bourg,


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