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Western: The Baron of Barbary Coast, Part 1 of 3

Cornelius Doubleday, the fiancé of the wealthy and highly successful businesswoman and estate owner Anne Rutledge, has gone missing during his charity work in the west. The last word from him was a request for a large sum of money, which made Anne wonder what exactly was going on out there. Now, with Cornelius's disappearance, there was nought to do but for Anne to set out on an expedition to find her fiancé and get some answers. 

With her she has her trusty butler, John A Bellinger, her dog Bessie, and two hired Pinkerton agents, Dexter Colby and Cedric Valentine, with a third agent, the local Jessie Tremaine, set to meet them at the San Francisco train station. 

Rupert Rutledge, Anne's spoiled dandy of a brother, has also come along on Anne's request. But does he perhaps have his own reasons for wanting a word with Mr Doubleday?

Adventure: The Baron of Barbary Coast, Western. Part 1 of 3.
Music: Phonothek
Recorded at: GothCon