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To Ba'ator and Back 05: The Divine Tragedy... or the Infernal Comedy

In the fifth installment of this classic Planescape adventure, our characters must traverse the hellish plane of Baator to find (and then barter for) the keys to their escape from the fabled Pillar of Skulls… though how could they ever hope to trust something actually comprised of the souls of dead sages who in life had lied for a living?

But first, please enjoy Hjalmar and Aaron’s dramatic reading of excerpts from their character backgrounds given to each of them prior to gameplay. And special thanks to Jenny Randle for voicing Lady Maje Harkadies, Shaaraxxis (called “Stormsong”), and Vanel Harper! If you prefer to just jump forward to the actual-play action, please skip ahead to 31:00.

This episode features music from the enhanced soundtrack of the classic video game Planescape: Torment created by Black Isle Studios (music composed by Mark Morgan) and provided courtesy of the fine folks at Beamdog.

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Also using music by: Metatron Omega, Halgrath, Flowers for Bodysnatchers and Atrium Carceri. Used with permission from Cryo Chamber.

Full credits including additional tracks and SFX can be found here: