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To Ba'ator and Back 01: Paradise Lost & Found

One of our absolute favorite settings for Dungeons & Dragons is undoubtedly Planescape. The twisting, dark streets of the city of Sigil, the beauty and weirdness of the multiverse and the horrors of the nine hells all come together in to a wonderful whole that has enchanted us since playing Planescape: Torment back in the nineties.

Together with our friends at Adventure Hook and Blackspire Studios we have created this actual play of the classic Planescape adventure “To Ba’ator and Back” which is featured in the “Well of Worlds” module. We are playing AD&D 2nd edition and the adventure begins in Blackspire’s world Terregastia, where a manhunt is under way. Production has been done by the talented Robert Randle at Blackspire and you are in for a real treat over the coming seven weeks.

One of the most exciting things about this project is that Beamdog have kindly given us permission to use the original soundtrack for Planescape: Torment. This is a true honor and really helps set the right tone. Thank you!

We also used music by Metatron Omega, Halgrath, Flowers for Bodysnatchers and Atrium Carceri. As always huge thanks to Cryo Chamber for their kindness in allowing us to use their material.