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The Great Vilhaim Heist 01: The Dragon

Over the coming few weeks we will be playing the adventure "The Great Vilhaim Heist" for Scarred Lands, a setting for Dungeons & Dragons by Onyx Path Publishing. We are again joined by The Gentleman Gamer Matthew Dawkins who will be our Dungeon Master for this adventure.

"Scarn. This world is not what it once was. Broken and battered, it was mauled in a great conflict that raged across its surface for years. The titans — primal beings, forces of nature that created and shaped Scarn — warred with their children, the gods, who had learned to draw power from the faith of lowly mortals wandering the face of Scarn. They clashed across the world, amassing armies using the creatures they created or who worshiped them. On one side were the “titanspawn,” twisted monsters and foul creatures loyal to the titans; on the other, the “divine races,” the mortals, banded together to aid the gods. Over time, the gods were successful and the titans subdued, but never destroyed. The gods are the sole rulers of Scarn now, fueled by the devout worship of their mortal followers.

Yet though the war is over, the damage remains, and it is for this reason that Scarn is now known as the Scarred Lands. That great conflict, known as both the Divine War and the Titanswar, has been over for a century and a half, but the healing process has only just begun. Much of Scarn’s topography has been twisted and warped in unnatural ways. And the titans, though dormant, are not dead. Welcome... to Scarred Lands"

Game: Scarred Lands, Onyx Path Publishing for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition
Music by: Ager Sonus & Lesa Listvy, Cryo Chamber