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Coriolis: A Song for Jarouma 02

Here comes the conclusion to our first journey in Fria Ligan's Coriolis and the Third Horizon, as well as the end of this prologue to the campaign "Emissary Lost". Will the crew be able to repair the installations and get the data they need from each of the quadrants? Or will the violent storms in the atmosphere of Xene claim their shuttle and all aboard?

"The hull groans from the stress as the shuttle descends into the growing storm. The passengers hold on tight as Xene’s hurricane winds hit the hull and steering jets, doing their best to push the shuttle back out into the dark void. The pilot is focused on the flight control screens. Interfering noise washes over the internal speakers as she bites down nervously on a piece of well-chewed tabak. – “We should be there now. Check the sensors for any sign of the beacons. I need coordinates NOW, or this ride will end up in flames!"

Recorded at: GothCon
Gamemaster: Rickard Antroia
Music by: Alphaxone, Sabled Sun (Thank you Cryo Chamber!) and Stars on a Black Sea
Sounds effects by: Syrinscape,
Coriolis distributed by: MODIPHIUS


Jarouma arrives.

Jarouma arrives.