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KULT: Divinity Lost - Oakwood Heights, Act I

We are big fans of the wonderful people over at Encounter Roleplay who stream tremendous amounts of high quality roleplaying goodness every week, both in their own Twitch channel as well as the official DnD-channel. They also produce two top-class podcasts with a fairly similar tone to ours, "Turncloaks" and "Tomes & Tentacles", that we can heartily recommend.

We recently had the opportunity to do a collaboration with Josh and Tallsquall from Encounter Roleplay and our own DM extraordinaire Craig decided to take them to the lovely neighborhood of Oakwood Heights, Detroit in the year 2015. Enjoy!

"It is a grey and cold winter’s day in Detroit, as members of the public prosecutor’s office and police force shepherd the accused Franklin Mills around his crime scenes, located throughout the city. The objective is to attain clarity of what happened on that fateful day back in August, the motive behind the cruel murders, the child who disappeared, and whether Franklin Mills really lost his memory."

Adventure: “Oakwood Heights", KULT: Divinity Lost, Helmgast
Music by: Atrium Carceri


What is hidden in the mind of a murderer?

What is hidden in the mind of a murderer?