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KULT: Divinity Lost - Oakwood Heights, Act III

Zug Island is a man-made island in the river Rouge in the southern part of Detroit. It’s home to a large ironmaking industry with massive blast furnaces. Ore and coal is brought to the island via train and pig iron and coke shipped out. At its peak thousands of people worked there, today only a few hundred, mainly due to automatization and the decline in manufacturing throughout the rust belt.

The ”Zug Island hum” are mysterious cyclical rumblings and vibrations that can be felt as far away eighty kilometers away. It is believed they are emanating from the iron-making facilities, but studies are inconclusive and the city has cancelled further investigations due to the general lack of funds.

Adventure: “Oakwood Heights", KULT: Divinity Lost, Helmgast
Music by: Atrium Carceri
Recorded with Josh and Tallsquall from Encounter Roleplay


Source of the hum?

Source of the hum?