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KULT: Divinity Lost - Oakwood Heights, Act II

Oakwood Heights is in the heavily industrialized southwestern part of Detroit. The neighborhood is relatively densely populated but also ranks as the most polluted in all of Michigan. The population has dropped by more than 20% since the year 2000 and is 75% African-American with almost 30% of all residents living below the poverty line.

Most states have regulations regarding how close industries can be to residential areas, but not Michigan. The Marathon Petroleum Company is located right by the neighborhood and long-term residents, unsurprisingly, have higher levels of respiratory diseases and cancer.

In 2010 the Detroit Free Press reported this about the area “For the past six months, a rain of mysterious sparkly dust of unknown origin has landed on their homes and gardens. Odd odors and clouds of dark particles float overhead”.

Adventure: “Oakwood Heights", KULT: Divinity Lost, Helmgast
Music by: Atrium Carceri
Recorded with Josh and Tallsquall from Encounter Roleplay