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The Island of the Dead 07: In Harmonia Progressio

“The Bandung Institute of technology is the oldest technical university in Indonesia. It was established as de Technische Hoogeschool te Bandoeng (THB) in 1920 by the Dutch colonial administration and was initially a branch of the Delft Institute of Technology. During the Japanese occupation between 1942-1945 the university was renamed to the ”Industrial University” and in 1959, after decolonization, got its current name.

The first President of Indonesia, Sukarno, got his civil engineering degree from the university and today it is ranked 80th among Engineering and IT universities in the world; the only university in Indonesia to make the top 100.”

Adventure: The Island of the Dead, KULT: Divinity Lost
Music from the official KULT soundtrack featuring tracks by: Atrium Carceri, Mechanoreceptor, Mind. Divided, Warfield, Howler, Second Escape, Michael Idehall, Precision Field, Zwaga, Occult Cow Demise, Pandoras Black Book and Tantrick Ape.


Bandung Institute of Technology.

Bandung Institute of Technology.