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The Island of the Dead 06: Tonton Macoute

Having survived a coup d’etat attempt in 1958, the dictator of Haiti, Francois Duvalier, known as "Papa Doc", created a paramilitary force in 1959 to keep him safe from future coup attempts.

They were called the "Cagoulards", the hooded men, and were authorized to do whatever necessary to suppress political opposition. They are behind an unknown number of murders, often with a machete, at other times stoning and burning people alive. They would frequently leave the corpse of their victims on display, anyone attempting to remove the body would find themselves “disappeared” soon as well.

The force got the nickname “Tonton Macoute” after a mythological Haitian bogeyman. The Tonton Macoute was said to kidnap and punish unruly children during the night by snaring them in a gunny sack (Macoute in French) and carrying them off, eating them for breakfast. They reveled in this reputation and began wearing clothes inspired by Haitian Vodou to instill fear by alluding to having supernatural power.

Perhaps the most stunning fact about the Tonton Macoute is a man called Luckner Cambronne, who led the force during the 60’s and 70’s. He was known as the “Vampire of the Carribean” as he would extort blood plasma from locals and sell it to American labs. He would also sell dead bodies to the US, buying them from local hospitals for 3 dollars apiece. When the hospitals ran out he would raid local funeral parlors.

Adventure: The Island of the Dead, KULT: Divinity Lost
Music from the official KULT soundtrack featuring tracks by: Atrium Carceri, Mechanoreceptor, Mind. Divided, Warfield, Howler, Second Escape, Michael Idehall, Precision Field, Zwaga, Occult Cow Demise, Pandoras Black Book and Tantrick Ape.