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The Island of the Dead 05: Fawcett

In 1925 Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett set out on an expedition in to the jungles of Brazil, looking for an ancient lost city that he had named “Z”.

His son Jack and one of Jack’s friends joined Fawcett for the expedition as well as two Brazilian laborers, two horses, eight mules and two dogs. They had opted to keep the expedition small so not to disturb the natives who were generally hostile to outsiders. On May 29th they entered the unexplored territories… never to return.

The final fate of the expedition is unclear but it is believed that they were likely killed by one of the native tribes. Some of their belonging also surfaced, having been given as gifts to tribal leaders.

Adventure: The Island of the Dead, KULT: Divinity Lost
Music from the official KULT soundtrack featuring tracks by: Atrium Carceri, Mechanoreceptor, Mind. Divided, Warfield, Howler, Second Escape, Michael Idehall, Precision Field, Zwaga, Occult Cow Demise, Pandoras Black Book and Tantrick Ape.