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The Island of the Dead 04: Koteka

The Koteka is a sheath worn by males in some tribes in New Guinea to cover their genitals. Normally made from a dried out gourd they are held in place by loops of fiber attached to the body. During work normally a shorter sheath is utilized with longer more elaborate sheaths used during festivities.

While it’s easy to assume the Koteka has some form of sexual meaning the locals are adamant that it is purely worn as a way of covering themselves.

An attempt to eradicate the practice was made in the 1970’s with authorities encouraging the natives to use modern clothing like shorts and shirts. However the locals were unfamiliar with the care of such clothes and did not wash them, leading to skin diseases.

The use of these kinds of sheaths has been documented outside of New Guinea as well with some native South American tribes and tribes in tropical Africa also reportedly having used them. It is unclear where the practice originated.

Adventure: The Island of the Dead, KULT: Divinity Lost
Music from the official KULT soundtrack featuring tracks by: Atrium Carceri, Mechanoreceptor, Mind. Divided, Warfield, Howler, Second Escape, Michael Idehall, Precision Field, Zwaga, Occult Cow Demise, Pandoras Black Book and Tantrick Ape.