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Curse of Strahd 27: Einstein-Rosen Bridge

A wormhole is a speculative structure that connects two points in space-time, either separated by vast distances or by time. Their existence is hypothesized based on a solution of Einstein’s field equations and a number of possible types of wormholes have been proposed to exist by different scientists.

If we imagine space-time as a sheet of paper, and draw two separate dots on one side of the paper, far from each other, we can fold the paper; folding space-time, to connect the two and thus create a direct route.

Schwarschild theorized that such wormholes would only allow for one-way travel, but Thorne proposed that using exotic matter one might be able to hold the “throat” of a wormhole open and allow for travel back and forth.

Campaign: “Curse of Strahd”, Dungeons & Dragons 
Music by: Metatron Omega, Flowers for Bodysnatchers & Wordclock


Cross the bridge.

Cross the bridge.