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The Black Madonna 25: The Copenhagen MC War

In the waning days of 1980 the motorcycle gang “United MC” made history by becoming the first chapter of the Hells Angels in Scandinavia. This was not a move welcomed by their rivals who in response formed a crew designed specifically to counter the influence of the Hells Angels. The crew was called “Bullshit MC” and made their home in Christiania, the free town in Copenhagen were the trade in cannabis was tolerated. Bullshit MC grew rich there for a few years and in 1983 decided that the time had come to pay the new Hells Angels chapter a “visit”.

That visit started a war lasting for two years and four months. Eight members of Bullshit MC (of which three were presidents), one Hells Angels member and two civilians lost their lives during the violent shootouts. Bullshit MC was blamed for the loss of civilian life and when the police raided their club house they found a corpse buried underneath the floor. The Hells Angels had emerged victorious… but they would soon meet new resistance.

Dead presidents.

Dead presidents.