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Stormbringer, with The Grognard Files

We are very happy and pleased to bring you this special episode of Red Moon Roleplaying where we got to play Chaosium's Stormbringer RPG from 1981. The game is written by industry legends Ken St. Andre and Steve Perrin, and is based on Michael Moorcock's works about Elric of Melniboné, the albino sorcerer who wields the enchanted black blade named Stormbringer. A blade that feeds off of blood and souls.

Gamemaster for this session was none other than Dirk the Dice from the excellent podcast The Grognard Files, a show that talk bobbins about table-top RPGs from back in the day and today. We are big fans and would definitely recommend you check the show out if you are interested in those magical games that built the hobby in the 80's. You can find the show here:

For now we wish you a pleasant journey to the Young Kingdoms!

Game: Stormbringer, Chaosium (Out of print)
Adventure: The Fang and the Fountain from Perils of the Young Kingdoms
Music by: Ager Sonus, Cryo Chamber


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