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Runequest: Contested Ground, with Jason Durall

At Dragonmeet we had the amazing opportunity to finally earn our name and to play the latest edition of the classic fantasy RPG RuneQuest by Chaosium. The adventure is called "Contested Ground" and is set in the lands of Old Tarsh in Glorantha, the amazing setting created by Greg Stafford. Gamemaster is none other than the line editor for RuneQuest over at Chaosium, Jason Durall.

Hjalmar takes the role of the warrior Arim, and Craig the bandit Ilaro, both of the Dolutha clan of the Hindarli Tribe. The two will represent their clan in an honor duel against the Two Brothers Clan and at stake is control of the important Storm's Eye watchtower. Things... will not go as planned.

Sit back and enjoy a journey to Glorantha, where the Red Moon has risen.

Adventure: Contested Ground, Runequest
Music by: Halgrath


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