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"Faraday" by Anders Fager, Full Story

If you missed our "Taroticum" prologue "Faraday", written by Anders Fager, or found the chapter-length releases too short to get into, we are now happy to release the full story for your enjoyment in one easily digestible half hour.

Follow the life and unlife of Rupert Faraday as he observes the apex and fall of the British Empire, reminisces about his time with Anthony Seymour and learn some of the secrets of the powerful cards of the Tarotica.

Anders Fager has written the excellent KULT novel ”For the Love of Goddess” that will be published by Perilous Worlds in English during autumn 2019 and was released in Swedish last year by Fria Ligan. He has a long history in the RPG business going back to the days of Äventyrsspel (Target Games) and has also written for Tales from the Loop, Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel and is perhaps most famous for being the man behind the “Svenska Kulter” horror series that mixes Nordic Noir with the Lovecraftian mythos.

You can find out more about Anders Fager on his Facebook here:

If you want to get into Taroticum already today, the first three episodes are already released here in our main feed with the fourth up on our Patreon at the 5 dollar level. There you can also find the first five play sessions available raw on the 10 dollar level. Check it out here:

Music by Atrium Carceri
Tarot card art by Axel Torvenius
Taroticum is an adventure for KULT: Divinity Lost by Helmgast AB

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