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We got the great opportunity to play the gorgeous primal punk RPG DEGENESIS by SIXMOREVODKA with Kyle Willey, who is a freelancer on the game, as our Gamemaster.

500 years have passed since a swarm of asteroids ushered in the end humanity. Earth is engulfed by a new ice age. But Mankind hasn‘t given up just yet. From the ashes of a destroyed civilization, a new one has risen. Cults, clans and tribes are fighting for dominance in a world that is being reborn. Apocalyptic sects raise fortresses in the landscape. Clans form new cities. Border towns rise from the settling asteroid dust. A whole people are on the move to harvest the artifacts of the lost generations. To rebuild earth in a new and glorious fashion.

But in the shadows of the craters something is moving. A strange virus that was traveling underneath the icy shell of the asteroids has started infecting humanity‘s DNA. The virus, called the Primer, is starting to mutate people who get in touch with it, transforming them, turning them into a new apex predator, a new race of human beings.

It‘s the birth of Homo Degenesis."

Music by: protoU and Hilyard, Cryo Chamber


RMR - Degenesis - Kyle Willey - Voltaic_190329hn.jpg