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Demon City with Zak Smith 03

“There are belief systems which demand devotion to principles not rationally discoverable, to unelected leaders who claim to speak on behalf of an otherworld which lies elsewhere and beyond the one available to the senses, and which demand fealty to only arguably extant entities whose ends may or may not be congruent with our best interests while living.  Such belief systems are called “religions”—unless they’re unpopular, in which case they’re called “cults”

Here is the end to our session of playing the upcoming horror RPG Demon City with its designer and creator Zak Smith as our game master. The Kickstarter has now successfully ended but keep your eyes open for more on Demon City below.

The now successfully concluded Kickstarter is here:

You can find Zak’s blog, “Playing DnD with Porn Stars” here:

Music by: Atrium Carceri


  Jewel of the City.

Jewel of the City.