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Demon City with Zak Smith 02

“Demon City is Rome, Tokyo, Los Angeles, anywhere, but coming to pieces. No-one gets enough sleep, everyone has three jobs or hasn’t worked in months, the trucks never seem to get where they’re going, the sky always has something in it, elevators creak, cell service sucks, police cars are black, streetlights burn the way an eye burns against an eyelid after staring too long.“

There is now less than 24 hours left on the Kickstarter for Demon City and to give you a final taste of the game before it ends we thought we would release one more episode of our session with Zak Smith. This one focuses a lot on the combat and reward mechanics. The rest of the session will follow in the coming weeks!

The Kickstarter is here:

You can find Zak’s blog, “Playing DnD with Porn Stars” here:

Music by: Atrium Carceri


Jewels of the Demon City.

Jewels of the Demon City.