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Hjalmar Nordén

The Black Madonna:
Björn von Krusenstierna

Curse of Strahd:

Hjalmar is 34 years old and works as a film and stage actor in the UK. Born and raised in the south of Sweden, he first got in contact with roleplaying in secondary school, immediately falling in love with the fantastic concepts of fantasy and sci-fi found in "Drakar och Demoner" and "Mutant". However, he didn't find a proper group to play with until over 10 years later, during his military service, where he started playing various pen and paper games with a group of medic trainees.

Before then, roleplaying had been confined to IRC chats and computer games like the Fallout series, not to mention the hundreds of hours poured into Neverwinter Nights, where he pulled whatever (more or less) willing friend he could find into the adventure.

Moving to the UK in 2015, he found a group of roleplayers through an acting colleague and immediately joined for various GURPS Lite, Ironclaw and World of Darkness-based sessions, mostly focused around horror. When Mattiaz, an old friend from the days of studying Japanese at Lund University, suddenly asked if Hjalmar happened to know anyone willing to join for an RPG podcast, he asked around in the group and Craig was the one to pick up the banner. Never having been the DM himself, Hjalmar was happy to take on the part of a player in the alluring Black Madonna-campaign and is figuratively "enjoying the shit out of it".

The podcast aside, he enjoys playing Divinity - Original Sin, Heroes of the Storm and Age of Wonders. He is also the lead singer of the experimental rockband Stolen Routes.




The Black Madonna:
James Carver

Curse of Strahd:
Dungeon Master

Craig Austin, AKA ‘Caradeos,’ is thirty years old and born and bred in the city of London. He has always had an interest in storytelling and acting, and after graduating from Uni (with a degree in both) he has thrown himself into these activities whenever possible - with a little bit of fancy waiter work on the side, naturally. He has a particular interest in vocal work, with handy detours into stage and film here and there.

His first experiences with role-playing involved sitting around late at night in Uni, mostly play-by-post games on the internet. Eventually, this progressed to more involved text-based browser games before finally getting to be involved in a little bit of classic, pen and paper role-playing: Vampire the Masquerade and Dungeon World, if you want detailed examples. Additionally, he’s always been keen on classic RPGs, from old school, benchmark titles like Skies of Arcadia to grander scale series such as Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age.

After meeting Hjalmar at a friend’s game, he was invited to join an RP themed podcast (with a difference!). Given his aforementioned interests, it seemed the perfect fit, and the rest is history. He got involved and is loving every minute of it...and is honoured to be taking part in this unique podcast experiment.

When not playing games he also enjoys a good book, a good film and a nice cup of tea. He’s British, don’t you know?


Mattiaz Fredriksson

The Black Madonna:

Curse of Strahd:
Dawnbringer Roman Ancor

Mattiaz is 33 years old and grew up in the very north of Sweden, in the land of perpetually dark winters and summers where the sun never sets.

His first roleplaying games were "Drakar och Demoner", "Dungeons & Dragons" and the original "Kult". After a ten-year break from the hobby, coinciding with university and work, he picked it up again just as the wave of Swedish kickstarters for RPG's rolled in around the year 2014. He has since led campaigns in Järnringens "Symbaroum", Fria Ligans "Mutant: Year Zero" and of course Helmgast ABs "Kult: Divinity Lost".

Primarily a GM through his RPG career Mattiaz' passion is creating multilayered plot lines and characters with depth.

After university he moved to Japan and has lived and worked there for ten years now. Being on the other side of the world and a father of two small children means that he primarily plays online with friends in Europe, although he also has a semi-regular group going in Tokyo.

Inspired by the excellent Actual Play podcasts Vi Spelar Rollspel and, but looking for a podcast that had a darker take on the hobby that never strayed out-of-character; he decided to take matters in to his own hands and contacted Hjalmar, his old friend from studying Japanese in Lund. Hjalmar introduced him to Craig...and the rest is history.

Outside of making Red Moon Roleplaying and listening to other actual play podcasts and reading RPG books, he is a die-hard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and spends way too many hours watching old pro-wrestling from the 90's.